The Launch Of The Laptop Makeover Scheme

The Launch Of The Laptop Makeover Scheme

March 10th 2021

The Nucleus and Oxford Innovation are proud to support the launch of a new and exciting Laptop Makeover Scheme.  Set up by Craig Kennedy and Julie Armstrong, based at The Nucleus with the aim of fixing / rebooting old laptops for those in need or those who have been affected by the recent pandemic.

How the scheme works.

Laptop Makeover will take your old laptop and either fix the windows issue or give the laptop a complete makeover which will increase the speed when using windows.

The makeover may mean the installation of an  entirely different operating system. This will give you the same ability to browse, get emails etc and comes with a free office software package. This will cost you nothing to use and will run faster on older laptops.

If your laptop wont boot into windows and just keeps throwing up an error and you haven't a clue how to fix it, we will either fix the issue or wipe it and re-install windows from scratch for you.

You can also take part in the scheme if you have any old / slow laptops that you would like to donate.

Follow the link, complete the form. You will be given a unique customer number and advised of your nearest drop of centre.

Craig came up with the idea after fixing a laptop for a friend who was unemployed. He came to the conclusion that there must be 1000s of people, small businesses and families in similar situations who, have old laptops that do not work or that are running very slowly. He thought this scheme would be a great opportunity to offer help many people.

Although there is access to laptops via some charities at a cost, Craig’s aim is to provide this service for free.

“I have been unemployed more times than I can count, made redundant 3 times in a row, so I know how it feels to be out of work, and unable to find work. II cannot help these people find a job but I can help repair or give, where possible, them the tools to help them find a new job.

I have the required skills and want to use them to help others. 

Furthermore, if you have ever done a nice thing that helps someone in any way, even the smallest way, paying the £1 for a parking machine because they had no change, or picking up something they dropped in the supermarket, handing it to them with a smile, you will know the warm feeling you get, just from that tiny insignificant bit of help you gave them. I like that warm feeling and I’d be happy feeling it every day if I could

I will using my network of professionals and companies for support with this scheme, and I am delighted that Oxford Innovation have stepped up to the plate, without hesitation, to offer their innovation centres as drop off points across the UK.”

Julie Armstrong – “Having worked in IT for many years I was approached by my good friend Craig to help launch this new project. 

I understand that it is almost impossible to get on in life without technology and unfortunately many people have experienced hardships due to the current world situation.  So, being able to help in a simple but effective way by using my knowledge to build systems in my spare time will hopefully  go some way to help someone find that job or give them access to a laptop so they can surf the net to explore local opportunities or interests, conduct their business or even use it for school work. 

Mental health is a big problem at present so having just a phone as your only way of interacting can sometimes be limiting especially when looking for support.  If only one person gains from this then that’s a good thing, hopefully it will be hundreds.”


Download the flyer here
December 11th 2020

Raising Funds For Dementia

The Nucleus team and customers raise £511 for Dementia on Elf Day For Dementia.

Two Elves were named – Burpy and Snowdrop – and went to new homes with ECG Facilities and Kudos.

A cake sale and a raffle were held giving a grand total of £511 being raised overall.

A HUGE thanks to the team and customers who all played their part in helping to raise funds for Dementia – an illness that has affected most people in one way or another and has been made even worse with the current restrictions and lockdowns.

November 30th 2020

The Nucleus Welcomes The Snack Shack

The Snack Shack opens today, 30th November, at The Nucleus. A brand new business owned by one of our customers, Richard Long of Jefferson Wolfe. The café will be run by family members Natalie, Sarah and Claire.

November 16th 2020

The Nucleus celebrates a baby boom!

Our customers have been busy over the last 7 months – HUGE congratulations to the 9 Nucleus customers who, during these most challenging times, have seen their families grow.
Chris at Secure Technology Solutions Ltd – a girl – Olivia Jade
Danny at Hexstone Ltd – a boy – Theodore
Neil at Threshold (South) Ltd– a boy – Thomas
Anoir at CDIT Ltd– a boy – Qasim Tobias
James at ADMAC Ltd – a boy – George
Chris at ADMAC Ltd – a girl – Sydney
Mark at Sports Media Ltd – a girl – Skye
Ben at AM Recycling Ltd – a girl – Eden
Joe at Onyx Services Ltd – a boy – George
These little bundles of joy have brought smiles throughout our business community and we have all welcomed these good news stories in 2020!